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CashinSnap is not a lender. We are a service that matches consumers with lenders. We do this by working with a large number of lenders so we give each applicant the best chance of having their application accepted for a loan. However, not everyone will qualify for a short term loan. You may also check online review sites as well.

"When my car broke down I was in a real bind. Not enough cash to fix it and no credit cards to use. If I didn’t get it fixed fast I was going to miss work and maybe lose my job. This service was great. Filled out the app one afternoon, they called and the cash was in my account in the morning. Got my car fixed and made it to work. I was stressing till then."

Racinda J., Nashville, TN

"I like that the Cash in a Snap site lets lenders compete for my business. I got a great lender, fair rate, and everything was explained to me. No surprises! I recommend them to everyone who needs cash fast."

Billy S., Atlanta, GA

"What a great site. The professional lenders they represent are definitely the best out there. I used to go to a local place but they charged more and were not very helpful. Plus, I got my loan right from my home. Quick and easy."

Sharon L., Garland, TX

"What a pain it was the last time I got a loan from someone. I didn’t know who to trust. I gave Cash in a Snap a chance and I am very happy I did. Really great service and they answered all my questions."

Roger B., Madison, MS

"I didn't think you could do this on the internet but it was so much easier than driving around all over and having to check each place. Here they had more places trying to get my business than in the whole area.
Did a good job too. Thanks!"

Dave T., Reno, NV

"I had defaulted on my electricity bill payment and my lights were about to be turned off. With my pocket empty, I desperately called them. They processed my request in quick time and I was spared of humiliation in the eyes of my neighbors.

Clark Lewis