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Payday or Cash Advance...How much?

The economy is still really tough, the worst in decades – and you feel it. More than half of us do not have any or little cash reserves for emergency situations. Alternative lenders whether it is a payday loan, cash advance, title loan or some other method, are the only place millions of Americans can get money when they need it.

Short Term Loans

So should you get a cash advance payday loan?

First of all, it is not for everyone. The fees for these short term loans are high and the fees for paying late, rolling over your loan, etc. make them very expensive. If you are not sure you can pay it back on your next payday then getting cash advance payday loans should not be done.

Cash advance payday loans can be applied for and approved on the internet. This makes it for and find out if you are approved in just minutes. But, allow 24 hours to get the money and do not expect to get it on a weekend.

Does everyone get approved? No.

You may have heard you can have bad credit and get a cash advance payday loan. This is true but there are many factors in getting approved. Cash advance payday loans are even given to those who have recently filed bankruptcy. Most important, you must be over 18 in most states, 21 in some, and have a steady job for at least the last 3-6 months depending on the state you live in. These rules can change any time so ask your lender about anything that may affect your loan.

They are to people looking for instant payday loans to handle an emergency before they get their next pay check. All lenders must tell you what you will pay and when it is due BEFORE you sign anything. It is your decision alone. Ask all the questions you want.

Our lenders that offer cash advance payday loans aren't interested in your past as much as your ability to pay the loan back in the future.

Not sure if this is right for you? That is okay, it costs nothing to apply and you get an answer quickly. Even if you are rejected you may be approved a week later as lenders change their loan criteria all the time. Often they accept an application this week that they rejected last week. Come back and reapply if you still need the cash.