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The economy is really tough, the worst it has been in several generations. Should you get a payday loan or cash advance? What is the difference? Well, there really is no difference. When you complete your secure, online application you are matched to a lender who provides loans that are often called cash advance payday loans.

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Cash advance payday loans are made to millions of people every year, you are not alone.

Let's not kid ourselves, getting a loan approved with bad credit, no available credit cards, and no home equity is very difficult.

Impossible situation...not at all.

All of these things don't matter for those who apply for cash advance payday loans. You can even have recently filed bankruptcy, it doesn't matter. You can get the money you need fast.

Payday lenders aren't loan sharks. Some people like to say they are but they are not. They are legitimate companies that provide cash advance payday loans (cash advances) to people looking for fast loans to handle an emergency before they get their next pay check. When you get a cash advance payday loan you will know exactly what you will pay and when it is due BEFORE you agree to anything. It will be your decision, no one else's. You can ask all the questions you want.

Our lenders offer cash advance payday loans and don't care whether you have lousy credit or not. They aren't interested in your past.

They are looking for 3 things:

That's it. As long as you repay your loan it won't show up on your credit report either. You're not going to be wearing a Scarlett ‘A' because you are taking out a cash advance payday loan, no one will know if you don't tell them.

We have seen people in a real bind get their money the same day and avoid a huge fine, new deposit, setup fees, etc. for their utility or phone…all of which is more expensive than a cash advance payday loan. Whatever you need it for is up to you, spend it wisely, pay it back on time and you will find it to be a great experience.